About the Author

The Author Gabriel Crutchfield has a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with a minor in Communication from the University of the Cumberlands and is currently employed at WATE-TV in Knoxville, TN as a video editor/videographer.  This blog is in no way, shape, or form related to his employment and he writes this blog from the standpoint of an enthusiast.

He has no actual degree in film.  He is merely someone who enjoys studying and discussing the subject.  He has a profound distaste for film critics and thinks that they exist simply to make decisions for people who don’t feel like making them for themselves (ironically, he wouldn’t turn down a chance to be a film critic).  Anything contained in this blog is just his opinion and should not ever discourage any of you from seeing a film. He encourages you to do quite the opposite: go see the film and make up your own mind.

He has written a few short screenplays, none of which have ever been filmed, including Room Check and Lamentation of the Broken Hearted.  A third screenplay, Church on Sunday, was in the works but never completed.  He directed Standing Small’s music video for “I Believe” from their album Sister Wisdom in 2006 and currently shoots and sometimes edits the “Smelly People” video series for Crossings.

He also cowrote the storyline for the Algorithm: Black fan-based viral marketing campaign for The Matrix Online and was in charge of the project’s video department. His most visible contribution to the project was his portrayal of the character “Brian Gauss,” both on screen and in-game.

Currently, he is working on the Chocolate Apocalypse (you’re intrigued, aren’t you?) screenplay with two other writers.

He would like to give a special thanks to Mike Deaver for designing the banner at the top of this page.

He also hates writing about himself in the third person.


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