This Blog is Now in 3D

June 1, 2011

Do you have your glasses on? I hope so.

Now take them off. You look ridiculous.

Today at work I noticed a story in the rundown about 3D movies and how the trend seems to be fading out already.

Thank God!

I mean, sure, the technology is cool when it’s used properly. Watching Avatar in 3D is kind of the point. It was made to be seen in 3D. But do we really need to see The Hangover 2 in 3D? Jackass in 3D? Okay, I’ll admit, that one was probably for the shock-factor alone. But quite simply, the answer is no.

These days it seems like every single film is being released in 3D, and in my opinion, that’s the technology’s downfall. People are sick of it and the novelty has worn off. But Hollywood hasn’t stopped there! It’s not enough that they’re releasing new movies in 3D…now they’re going back and releasing older movies in 3D as well! Well, that sounds like a brilliant idea. Let’s port old movies that were never intended to be viewed in 3D over and make some extra cash. Everyone deserves a chance to see Jar Jar Binks acting like a complete moron in 3D. (But hey, the podrace sequence could be entertaining, at least.)

The truth is, novelty technologies are just raising the price of movie tickets in an economy where the average consumer is already strapped for cash. There has to be a point where Hollywood draws a line between greed and common sense. Pesonally, I think 3D technology has a brighter future in the video game industry.


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