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When Did We Become So Cynical?

November 21, 2010

Remember when people could go to a movie and enjoy it? Remember when everyone wasn’t super-critical of everything that came out? I sure do. I kind of long for those days.  Are we as movie-goers so jaded that we can’t truly enjoy anything anymore?

If you’ve read past the first paragraph, you’re probably wondering what I’m ranting about. Last week I went with some friends to watch Skyline. The trailers for this film looked alright. I certainly didn’t expect it to be the next major blockbuster, and in that sense I was correct. But I did expect it to be enjoyable. Again, in my opnion, I was correct. There’s potentially a few spoilers below, so if you haven’t seen the movie and plan to eventually, you have been warned.

Let’s take a moment to list a few complaints I heard from people I know.

1) It didn’t have a happy ending.

Who cares? Life isn’t happy. I was kind of glad to see a movie where the good guys didn’t win for once. The whole time I watched it I was expecting the humans to find a way to repel the alien invaders and all would be happy again. Why? Because that’s what always happens. It was nice to have the opposite happen for once. And this brings me to number two.

2) I come to movies to escape reality.

Ah, yes, mindless entertainment for the masses. You are the reason reality shows exist.

3) I liked this movie better when it was Transformers.

I’m sorry, what? Maybe I need to watch this again, but I didn’t see any giant robots in this movie. No similarities whatsoever. Was more of a mash-up of Independence Day, the first Matrix, and War of the Worlds, if you want to compare it to anything.

4) It had no resolution.

Let’s have a word with Mr. Webster: “The point in a literary work in which a complication is worked out.”

Well, alright. Fair enough. But war isn’t one-sided, folks. There are two sides, each with a different goal. The aliens won. That’s resolution. Just because it wasn’t the resolution you expected, doesn’t mean it wasn’t resolution at all.

5) I don’t like movies that I have to think/draw my own conclusions about.

See point #2.

6) There weren’t any well-known actors in it.

There weren’t any well-known actors in the original Star Wars Trilogy either, and look at how those turned out. Point: well-known actors do not make a movie great.

And then there’s other people who just keep saying that it was bad without giving a reason. When asked why they thought it was bad, I received responses such as “Think about how bad it was…” or “It was so bad it was good.” Thanks for answering the question.

But this attitude toward movies is something I seem to notice more and more these days. Why is this? Does it have to do with the economy and people expecting more for the price of a movie ticket? Maybe it wouldn’t be such a big deal if say, I dunno, we didn’t spend so much on a gallon of soda and popcorn? Try it sometime, your kidneys will thank you. Or is it that we’ve all become critics in the age of the internet and social networking?

If you can’t tell already, I enjoyed Skyline, although this wasn’t a review per se, but rather something that was on my mind after hearing some comments about the movie.

I would love to hear your opinions on this subject. Fire away, folks.