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Knowing Is Half the Battle…

September 18, 2009

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra has been one of the most anticipated films of the gi-joe-intl-postersummer,  and nobody was looking forward to it more than those of us who grew up on the old G.I. Joe cartoons.  When I sat down in the theater, I saw a lot of children in there, and I couldn’t help but think to myself: How is G.I. Joe even relevant to kids today when there’s not even a cartoon to support it?  Perhaps it was just parents bringing their children along with them as they came out to enjoy some nostalgia.

I never was a hardcore G.I. Joe fan as a child.  I watched the cartoon because it was always on the regular evening line-up and perhaps Saturday mornings as well (I really can’t remember that far back).  I always enjoyed it, but I never collected the toys or any of the other various merchandise that went along with it.  That being said, this movie is pretty much what you would expect from a film based on G.I. Joe.

Many of the fans that I’ve spoken with have said that they thought this film was better than Transformers, and I have to agree with that statement.  This film has what you expect from an action movie: lots of fighting and special effects.

The film was well put together, entertaining, and the casting was mostly appropriate.  However, I didn’t agree with the casting for Ripcord.  I felt Marlon Wayans was inappropriate for the role.  I know he was probably changed to an African-American character in order to be politically-correct, but I’m a purist and believe characters should be portrayed as they were originally intended.  Also, I found Dennis Quaid’s acting to be a little forced.

On a different note, I think my biggest disappointment with this film was the fact that there was no PSA after the credits!  I fully expected one as a joke and a nod to the old cartoons.  There’s no way they could’ve just let that slip by.  Someone had to have thought of it!  Oh well, maybe on the DVD, I hope.

Overall, it was enjoyable. Watch it when you get the chance. Maybe it’s on at a cheap theater by now, since I’m finishing this so late.